Why choose a front mounted child bike seat?

On this page you'll find information about the difference between front and rear mounted seats, and what makes the shotgun seat different.

Front versus rear mounted child seats.

If you're looking to take your little one riding, the first step is to decide whether you'd like them sitting in front or behind you – and as you can tell, we think front is best for the reasons below.

Front Mounted Seat Rear Mounted Seat
✅ Active participation, learning to ride ⛔️ Passive participation, sitting prone
Centered weight distribution on bike
⛔️ Uneven weight distribution on bike
Suitable for full suspension bikes
⛔️ Suitable for hard tail bikes only
Visibility of what's ahead
⛔️ Looking at parents back
Ability to interact / talk with child
⛔️ Limited ability to interact / talk with child

Why choose the Shotgun Kids MTB Seat?

If you're keen for your child to ride up front, there are a few options to choose from. The following table shows what makes the shotgun seat unique:

Shotgun Seat Other Front Seats
Fully adjustable saddle
⛔️ Fixed saddle
Quick release for fast fitting / removal
⛔️ Tools required to attach / remove
Adjustable width to suit all mountain bikes
⛔️ Fixed width
Adjustable angle for flat or sloping top tubes
⛔️ Fixed / set angle
60 day returns
⛔️ 14 day - 30 day returns

The shotgun seat also has moulded rubber padding to protect your frame, and swaps between bikes easily with no special adaptors or clamps required.

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