Shotgun Child Bike Tow Rope On White Background
Shotgun Bike Tow Rope
Shotgun Bike Tow Rope
Shotgun Bike Tow Rope
Shotgun Bike Tow Rope

Shotgun Bike Tow Rope

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With the shotgun bike tow rope, you’ll take the hassle out of hill climbs – and enjoy bigger family rides together.


  • Specifically designed for mountain bike families
  • Shock absorbing stretch for a comfortable tow uphill
  • Quick to attach and remove (stem loop + carabiner included)
  • Load rated to 500lb / 225kg (suitable for big kids too!)

Also available is the shotgun tow rope combo, which includes our kids hip pack – the perfect place for stashing the tow rope during your family ride.

"The shotgun seat was great when my son was younger, but now that he’s pedalling his own bike, the hills can be pretty challenging for his little legs. The tow rope has been a game changer, now we can tackle bigger adventures together" – Dan

Technical specifications:
  • 1.7m / 5.5 feet un-stretched – 3.3m / 10.8 feet stretched (polyester)
  • Black alloy carabiner and pink paracord (5mm)
  • Load rated to 500lb / 225kg (one size fits all)
  • Product weight: 0.25kg
    Q: What age is the tow rope suitable for?
    A: The shotgun tow rope is designed with kids in mind, but it’s suitable for adults too – as it’s rated to 500lb / 225kg.
    For kids, we’ve found that the tow rope works best once they’re confidently riding a pedal bike themselves, usually this is once they are riding a 16" or 20" wheel bike.


    Q: Is the tow rope safe for use on Ebikes?
    A: We’re aware of many customers using their tow ropes with Ebikes and we haven’t heard of any issue to date. To minimise load on the Ebike motor we recommend the person being towed is also pedalling.


    Q: Is the tow rope safe for use on dropper posts?
    A: The majority of our customers use their tow rope on dropper posts and we aren’t aware of any issues. To minimise wear and tear on your seat post you should remain seated when towing.


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    Tried and tested reviews from MTB families

    Introducing the Shotgun Tow Rope


    Shock absorbing stretch

    Our tow rope’s gentle stretch is designed to give a smooth towing experience, without any sudden jolts.

    Multi-strand embedded elastic core

    Our tow rope features a unique embedded elastic core, making it stronger than other tow ropes.

    From balance bikes to big bikes

    With a load rating of 500lb / 225kg, our tow rope is suitable for small kids and big kids alike.

    Stem loop or carabiner? 

    The Shotgun tow rope includes attachments for two different mounting methods. 

    The stem loop method is quick and easy to attach. Simply loop over your kids stem and hook it under the stem bolts.  

    The carabiner method is extra secure and recommended for younger kids, or for longer, steeper tows. This method is suitable for any stem. 

    Hook up + hit the trails

    Using the Shotgun tow rope is easy. 

    Connect the tow rope to the trailing bike using the stem loop or carabiner attachment.

    Loop the other end over the saddle of the lead bike.

    Make sure the person being towed is ready, and set off gently. Easy!

    Media Reviews

    Customer image

    ​​“The Kids Ride Shotgun tow rope is a great way of helping your kids enjoy their ride a little more. By taking the sting out of long climbs and steep ramps, you not only help them conserve energy for the descents but also open up the possibility of longer rides and bigger smiles!”

    –  Finlay, Enduro Magazine

    Customer image

    If you’re looking for a way to get your kiddo up hills and to ride longer distances, without tears or whining, consider the Kids Ride Shotgun tow rope. If you love biking with your kids, it might be the best $60 you’ll ever spend.

    – Kirsten, Rascal Rides 

    Customer image

    If you are going to buy a tow rope, I think you'll be hard-pressed to beat the Kids Ride Shotgun experience.

    – Pete, NSMB


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    Why choose Kids Ride Shotgun? 

    We’re on a mission to raise the next generation of mountain bikers!

    World-class safety

    Long before our products hit the market, they go through rigorous safety testing and quality control – in the factory, at accredited third party testing laboratories and on the trails.

    Designed in New Zealand

    Because we're from the outdoor mecca of New Zealand, a passion for nature and the outdoors flows through everything we do, and to protect the environment we love, we strive to make our packaging from 100% recycled materials wherever possible.

    From book to bike 

    We see our business as a vehicle for raising the next generation of mountain bikers, and re-invest all profits into product development. When you buy our products, you’re not only buying special time with your little one, you’re also buying into the future of the sport we all love.

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